What does this museum do?

What is the online museum? This is a space that allows the existence of multiple “exhibitions” simultaneously. More importantly, this museum includes the most famous and impressive exhibits around the world, which solve the problem that oftentimes these exhibits are located at different museums in different countries, which can be quite hard for you to visit each of them in a short period of time.

The main focus of this museum is the four ancient civilizations as well as the civilizations that emerged during the classic period (specifically, ancient Rome&Greece). However, most of the artworks and documents in ancient time are lost in the past thousands of years, and even those survived ones could be remnants of the whole piece. Fortunately, some of the most impressive architectures of these spectacle civilizations are reminded, like the Great Pyramids of Pharaoh Khufu. This museum gives you a chance to get into these miracles of human beings and have some relatively deep thoughts about the meaning of not only the architecture itself but also the significance of the civilization as a whole.

Many of the exhibits in the museum are still debatable and controversial nowadays, so the introductions of them are mostly objective facts, though some may contain different theories of contemporary scholars. That’s your choice to believe some of these theories rather than others, but the nature of this museum is to present as much valid and trustworthy information about these exhibits as possible.

The information of the exhibits would be updated at any time, and the numbers of exhibits would constantly increase, so keep looking for new materials when you have time. You are also free to leave any comment you want, and there is space for you all to discuss the exhibits or doubt the information. There is no guarantee that the contents of the museum are 100% accurate, but they will be corrected if any of you points out the mistake and get confirmed.


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